Pet Care and Pet Sitting


We offer two types of pet care – pop in visits and live-in pet sitting.

Pop in visits

Travis during a pop-in visit

These are ideal for times when you have to be away from home all day and need the reassurance that your pets will be visited and have some company while you are absent.

Pop in visits can last up to an hour in length, depending on your needs.

During the visit we will provide your pet with companionship, play with them and generally make a fuss of them. We can also feed them (if appropriate), replenish water, give medication (i.e. tablets), let out into the garden and clean cages and litter trays.

Pop in visits are not suitable for dogs that will be left alone overnight.

Pet Sitting

Inca snoozing

This service means your pet will stay in its own familiar surroundings and so remain content and happy.

During a pet sitting stay we will provide companionship for your animals and look after their welfare, playing with them, feeding them and walking them. We will maintain their normal routines and the rhythm of their daily life.

We will also look after your home: watering plants, collecting post and taking out rubbish etc.


Alfie napping

An hour long pop in visit: £12

Pet sitting: £35 per day.

Additional charges apply for more than one dog in a household.

A pop in visit and dog walk can be combined.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

(Please note on the calendar at the top of this page pink blocks are booked days, green blocks are available)